Unplug once in a while. Enjoy the high-res world.



Jesus... now even my subconscious is posting on IA! Good advice...


Even when you are seeking positive and educational content, screen addiction is horrible for you on many levels. I for one think this is a great suggestion, I have been weaning myself for some time now.


I can do it if I'm out of the house, otherwise not so much.
If I'm out of the house, I'm usually sitting by the Pacific ocean.

I miss the '90s. I had tons of friends, was able bodied and healthy and no one I knew had a cell phone or a computer. After college we had the entire city of New York as our playground, we all felt so free, and none of us had a computer or a cell phone. The only things that mattered were friends, fun, music and life was really fucking good.


@7👍 miss the 90s so bad. New York was the place to be. You didn't need GPS or a cell phone or any other app for that matter, you always knew where your friends would be. Central Park and Sheep's Meadow forever!