You told me in the lap dance room that you would be a medical doctor in five days, and that you and your friends were celebrating. I noticed that you weren't respecting the touch rules of three different strippers, I told you you were welcome to touch my back and play with my hair, but you kept trying to grab our asses, breasts, and I immediately identified you as entitled/abusive. - Just because you paid for a service does not mean that you as the client has free reign over what happens during that time. I told you, "it would be creepy if you are a doctor who doesn't understand consent". You didn't respond - but fifteen minutes later you bit another woman's nipple in the lap dance - she was grateful you didn't break the skin, and I watched the bouncer throw you out the door. As a sex worker I hope your new career gives you the respect you desire, and I am grateful for this reminder that ethics is not inherent due to a person's chosen profession. I hope to never read about you in the news as a predatory provider, Dr.