Dr. Rapey




Gnar gnar. All I can think of is Larry Nassar.

Also, if she works in a club where anyone can repeatedly break the rules and even bite someone on the nipple - and the bouncer didn't smash his face and hold him for the cops - then she really needs to find a new club.


Case and point, BTW:

If that shit had gone down at Devil's Point, my man J would be handing over a perp with no dental records.


Hey No. 4: Have you been to strip clubs in this town? Not going to say creepy ogling doesn't exist, but there is a culture and agency to this city's community of dancers and DJs that isn't present elsewhere. For a lot of dancers, it's great income at clubs that other women actually attend. Also, as someone who prefers attending a munch, you shouldn't really the the one yukking others' yums. Nobody catches the Clackamas Clap by going to Sassy's and getting a lap dance to "Sicko Mode."


I love strip clubs. It's getting a drink and a show, as they say. Just be respectful and remember that dancers are people with lives and emotions. It's fun. I like seeing tits and having a beer, it's not hard to understand.


People spend time and money on all kinds of stupid shit that other people don't understand. Unlike the rapey doctor who bit the dancer, as long as you're not hurting anyone while engaging in your activity of choice, who cares? I don't understand why people watch football games and spend shit loads of money on season tickets and going to the Superbowl. Fairly certain there's not one fan of football who gives a fuck what I think.