Your Poor Daughter



Many cultures celebrate a girl's menarche. It's only weird here in America.

That being said, I was fucking miserable (not ashamed or embarrassed) when I started my period and can't even fathom my family having a party for me.

Just chalk this up to rituals I don't understand in today's world, like gender reveal parties, people creating GoFundMe campaigns asking other to pay for things they want (a honeymoon, a house, moving to NYC, backpacking in Europe, etc), people's need to take photographs of their food before eating it and posting those photos on social media, and, well, you get my point.


Despite HelloFelicia's rabid defense of this post, it reads like someone who really does need to mind their own fucking business. They obviously know nothing about the daughter or mother in question and it doesn't sound to me like they have personally any insight into the daughter's experience. The whole "big deal so you started staining your panties, so what?" position is so mean and insensitive it sounds like IA is either a man posing as a woman or they experienced serious mental abuse when they had their own first period.


They have parties for that?!