Your Poor Daughter



Yeah, really this idea sounds like it was lifted from one of the shittier episodes of Portlandia, but I'm inclined to tell you to mind your business regardless. Just don't go, ignore the invitation, and if it comes up socially explain why you (rightly) find this bizarre.


I think the person IS minding their own business but having a “What the fuck?” moment.


Well. I'm well out of my depth here but I came away thinking OP was making presumptions about the whole affair. For example, the whole idea for a party could have come from the daughter as ridiculous as that may seem. So I guess I should have said "Don't presume...." but was just being lazy, my bad.


I don’t think a shy and independent daughter would create a party because she’s got her period. 🤣 that is exactly how she was described.


Many cultures celebrate a girl's menarche. It's only weird here in America.

That being said, I was fucking miserable (not ashamed or embarrassed) when I started my period and can't even fathom my family having a party for me.

Just chalk this up to rituals I don't understand in today's world, like gender reveal parties, people creating GoFundMe campaigns asking other to pay for things they want (a honeymoon, a house, moving to NYC, backpacking in Europe, etc), people's need to take photographs of their food before eating it and posting those photos on social media, and, well, you get my point.


Despite HelloFelicia's rabid defense of this post, it reads like someone who really does need to mind their own fucking business. They obviously know nothing about the daughter or mother in question and it doesn't sound to me like they have personally any insight into the daughter's experience. The whole "big deal so you started staining your panties, so what?" position is so mean and insensitive it sounds like IA is either a man posing as a woman or they experienced serious mental abuse when they had their own first period.


Defending this post? You’re wrong about me again! I’m defending the “shy and independent” daughter mentioned! My “wtf” moment is in shock that a party like this is happening. I mean, to each their own. The I/A was able to describe the mother and her friends, and found out about this event from an invitation it sounds like. Can I not agree The whole thing sounds ridiculous? Saying rabid is a little overboard, so please quit projecting. Your own feelings on the post are quite a bit more dramatic than any response I’ve given, so please quit singling me out as you’ve been wan fo do!


And one more thing Aurelius. Just because women are women, that doesn’t mean they’re going to be supportive of one another just because they are the same gender and also will call bullshit on their fellow sisters. Currently there is a woman in Los Angeles who is smearing her face with period blood to erase period stigma. Since you’re obviously a man, you can’t seem to grasp that when we are flowing, many of us aren’t finding a cause for celebration and think it’s not only gross but stupid to be smearing your face with what your body has expelled (after some gnarly uncomfortable cramps, or in my case, I have endometriosis) as no longer needed. I respect your opinion on the matter but since as a man your own personal experience with a vagina, can be boiled down to it being something you personally poke or eat, let us who actually go through dealing with the monthly visitor have our opinions since it has nothing to do with you. Not all women support women in their endeavors, if that was the case I’d be having daily lunches with Sarah Palin or Ann Coulter.


They have parties for that?!