The rich get richer...even in PDX



It's to support the future baseball team.


To support the the future baseball team... a mile away across Route 30?


Transit service in that neighborhood is terrible. The goal is to get people out of their cars, even rich people. This isn't a deep state conspiracy.


Also, do you think they're going to build a new streetcar line off of existing infrastructure in neighborhoods with service already or are they going to build an entirely new line out in the middle of deep southeast to just serve Lents? One option is much much cheaper and functional than the other.


the plan is to slowly move North to Linnton.


I really wish they would choose a better location for that stupid baseball field.


The location of that baseball field will be in the same location as the Portland Candy, Diamond, and Unicorn factory. Meanwhile, there will be a Saks Fifth Avenue on Killingsworth before there's a streetcar to Linnton.


Dear god can we PLEASE get a Barney's co-op instead of a Saks?