You remind me of one of those campy old “Star Trek” episodes, where all the locals are controlled by some supercomputer with blinking lights.
You all walk around in slow motion with a blank expression and vacuous smile as your city disintegrates.
You have a form of city government that appears assembled by a 6th grade social studies class, you elect imbeciles to run it, and you’re amazed it’s completely dysfunctional.
Your police force can muster an army for a parade, protest or riot but can’t be bothered with stolen cars, break-ins, or felons.
Your highways are 60 years out of date but you allow engineers to reduce traffic capacity even more through “road diets” and “pedestrian enhancements “ to make the self-inflicted wound of gridlock even worse.
Fashion for dining out means a less-dirty pair of jeans, a watch cap, and a Mumu.
In rare moments of consciousness you crow about your “livability” but allow your parks and neighborhoods and green spaces to be overrun by criminals and vagrants.
There’s trash and graffiti everywhere but you seem to think inviting people to see it is somehow a good idea. You don’t seem to know are the laughing stock of the west coast. Still you walk along and smile and stop your cars in the middle of the street to let geese cross.
You’d better hope that Captain Kirk shows up soon to talk your mind- controlling computer to death, before it’s too late to save your once beautiful city.