Portland Residents:



The part about how people dress is hilarious, so it’s obvious that a hipster wrote this. So here we get yet ANOTHER I/A complaining about Portland. You do realize you’re free to leave ANY time, right?


Hope you enjoyed your visit. "The laughing stock of the West Coast." Looking at the competition, we'll take it.


It's pretty laughable that you think that Portland has somehow become less gentrified and full of scum like myself. This was a city founded by charlatans and cheats from New England that came to set up brothels and taverns to facilitate human trafficking and the opium market. Hell, in my own life I remember paying $75 to live in a rotting old Victorian drinking myself nearly to death and putting anything I could up my nose with a bunch of other 20 somethings. That old Victorian probably sold for a million dollars to a family that thought San Francisco was getting too many minorities. The problem isn't that Portland used to be Leave it to Beaver, it's that we're turning into Mayberry.


Portland is still beautiful, the city is growing as root would expect any city in the US to, and the residents here like everywhere else are a mix of good and bad. I love it here and will continue to. If you long for the days for a cheap place to use drugs and drink, you're an addict.


@4, I don’t long for anything in my my twenties except for my metabolism. I simply find it absurd to create a narrative where Portland is getting less gentrified and pretend that it used to be less full of substance abuse and creeps at some mythical time in the past.


Agreed, and apologies for calling you a junky.


"Agreed, and apologies for calling you a junky." -- or, as it's been known for 45 years or so, The Portland Sorry


The only constant in life is change and the only change you have a modicum (if you're lucky) of control over is yourself. Leave or accept the changes and stay. Or stay and work to change what you don't like. Nothing is like it was and even when we long for what was we are longing for something that never truly existed except in our minds. (Or so I've been told, repeatedly).


portland the laughing stock of the west coast? have you been to fresno?


Yeah! Run over those fucking geese. Godamn honking fuckers! They deserve to die! Learn to walk without waddling like a flipping moron.


In retrospect, I'm sorry I didn't use the term "honk their way to hell". Apologies to all.