In the coming year(s) we will see the end of our Civilization in its current incarnation. What the scientists refuse to explain, and truthfully it should be the geologist doing the explaining, is how many hundreds of quadrillions of gigatons of new water weight, once land-locked and in solid form(ice) and now melting, evaporating and returning to the oceans from whence it came, will affect the fluid-dynamics of our ocean basins, and where and when it will find release (Oh yeah, Yellowstone). As we are all aware, the oceans themselves, as well as all land masses, sit on a liquid magma, and that liquid is sealed in a crust. The added pressure of this untold weight is seeking a path of least resistance to relieve the pressure, when that occurs the vast volume of magma ejected from Yellowstone, will leave that very real volume open for the collapse of the ocean basins causing another series of Super-Tsunamis, and as multiple "Great Flood" legends, and a subsequent ice age by creating massive inland seas and reflecting the sun's energy back out into space. Oh, and wiping us off the face of the earth for the umpteenth time. It's the pressure of the magma on the crust that is heating us up now, Not the Greenhouse effect, that was just the catalyst. the stoves on high, and boys and girls, we're in the frying pan. After all we're just a byproduct of the water entity that is growing all living things as a water crop, to eventually cover the planet and cool it into an Iceball so it can sit and wait to be obliterated by another one of the planets in the solar system, or planetoid, so it's seeds can be hurled out into the universe to spread life about.