I'm just going to call it: Three IAs about a road expansion in one day? You aren't an IA and I doubt you're even from Portland.


Knowing that widening highways does nothing to ease traffic congestion is not the same thing as being anti-car. This country is designed for car use and people love driving their cars and yes, as you mentioned, tons of places in this country do not have public transportation. All that being said, expanding highways will not solve the traffic congestion problem. They can make the highay 3X as wide and there will be 3X as much traffic and you will still have the same problems and aggravations, only now with MORE cars and MORE angry people. Doesn't matter if you have to drive, widening the highway isn't the solution. Tons of evidence over decades has proven as much. But please feel free to believe it is all of the people who want people to get out of their cars that are the problem. /s


"some utopia where nobody has a personal vehicle"

I.E. most major cities in the first world?


Dumb question: If you're delivering seafood, why are you coming that way via I-5?