Goddamned Ass Blasters



If you’re looking for sympathy, you can find it between “shit” and “syphilis” in the dictionary.-David Sedaris


Someone is BORED today.


Uh... is this supposed be sarcastic? Idk why anyone would feel sorry for you because you chose to live in BFE Washington. You could have bought your hideous tan themed McMansion in Clackamas County or Beaverton. But yet you bitch about widening I5 while you skirt paying full tax to this state. So...basically...suck balls?


And FYI I think Men's Warehouse is having a sale. Because...they always are. You're gonna like the way you look!


No. 4: Had to go to a Men's Wearhouse recently to get fitted for a tux for a wedding back east. I hope I never have to go in there again, but it's funny to see how they almost completely avoid the boxy suits sold at the rest of the chain for waistcoats, gingham shirts and loud ties here. There are some great tailors and some lovely places to get suits in this town, but I'm glad nobody has to wear them to work.