So you have known me for a long time and you're concerned about me but aren't saying anything directly to me, Instead, you're tripping over the shrapnel in your own watery lives and are eager to try and dissect my life for me. I thank the internet for telling me I need to find better people to fill my life with.
And to you, friend, I value loyalty, something I haven't recieved from you possibly ever, glad I can see my own follies and so thanks for that.
(And the thing is, I do see how ridiculous it is for me to feel sad about spending these years believing we had something genuine but we all make mistakes, don't we, as my mistake was placing my faith or any emotional value in anything beyond face value was a toss in your direction to begin with. I was being charitable with the understanding that you would come around but it's the same old song, I am shiney and you are attracted to that which brings you entertainment, but you'll never connect to the music the way it's meant to be heard.)
Thanks for that lesson.
And your flattery is amusing but needs more polishing, who's got the time when you're plotting against those you admire the most?