have you spent six weeks in bed sick? shit blood like twenty times a day? lost so much blood through your ass you are now extremely anemic, lost time with family/work because you were too sick to leave the house? laid in bed, in so much pain you could only stare at the ceiling for 5 hours and breath, been so sick it takes months (+ doctors, cash, colonoscopy's, medications, toilet paper, iron infusions, radically changing your diet to survive and avoid biologic meds., etc.) to recover? after recovering enough to return to the real world have you twinged at every random pain in your tummy with the overwhelming thought this infliction is coming back and my world is fucked again? been so hungry while out in the world you just wanted to stop somewhere and eat or take your lady (or anybody) on a rare (now) occasion you go out? no, you haven't, so just tone down your whining a bit you fucking restaurant owner. the fact is more people are legitimately coming down with with diseases like this. i bet your overly priced slop is delicious, but you should also look to the future. there is like one or two places people like us with diseases like these can go, i don't know the second one but the other one blows. so think about that instead of insulting sick people you fuck.