Stop. Just fucking stop assuming I became an elementary school teacher because I'm some kind of martyr, or have no life outside work. Teaching is a job, like being a doctor or cashier.

You have NO IDEA how underfunded schools are. Teachers are constantly doing shit for free and pretending there are limitless hours in a day. We are told to teach a certain number of minutes of each subject a day. Fine, except the math doesn't work! There aren't that many minutes available so shit doesn't happen. WTF!? We're told to plan for, and grade the work of twice the reasonable number of students, respond to respectful parent emails and demanding asshole parent emails in excruciating and polite detail, attend Special Ed meetings, parent meetings, other meetings in which we plan future meetings to discuss how to do the impossible, confer with coworkers etc. in less time than it takes to pee, and read those fucking emails. DO NOT ask for special treatment that takes more time. I'm doing way more than I'm paid for and give extra time and money because I care about kids and their future. Bitch to your dumb ass elected representatives that keep OKing stupid amounts of money for the military and fucking crumbs for our kids. Oh yeah, those standardized tests... Opt the fuck out!!!