I'm A Teacher Not A God Damned Martyr



Please find another job.


So tell me, PSmith, are you suggesting that the situation and expectations for teachers is A-OK, and this person just isn't cut out for it? I just need a little more info to decide exactly how stupid that comment was.


Thank you for all the time and effort you put in educating our children. Many problems in our world could be solved if we invested in education. I hope someday people finally get that. And as a mom with a child starting Kindergarten next year, I promise to support our teachers anyway I can. Even if that means simply not sending redundant emails.


retired teacher here and i feel your pain. i couldn't possibly recommend to a young person today to pursue teaching as a career. teachers have become the blame and shame victims for every societal failure. and if, g-d forbid, you point out the absurdities of being asked to do the impossible, the response is likely to be the snarky, adolescent sillyness typified by esteemed commenter #1.


Teacher family here. Preach it. Youse are the ones we need to be thanking for your service.


look at you epro. All sassy. The poster is clearly burned out and would benefit from a change. Teaching is rough I get it but kids need an adult that finds joy in what they do. Besides somebody needs to wash his or her mouth out with soap.


Fuck PSmith. He did not have enough soap washed out of his mouth! All of the people who care for our children should be represented and pay for it! I'm so sorry for the tiny little pigeon assholes who were abused by their parents but don't let them pick our teachers please! This is not anyone's business but maybe our children have better manners than most!


As a retired teacher, I discouraged my son from going into teaching. I loved my students and for years that sustained me. However, the lack of administrative support and the teaching to the tests got to me. I didn’t want my son to experience the lack of respect I had experienced from administration, parents and students. No amount of money is worth the stress.


Being a teacher is obviously one of the hardest careers but people don't treat it as such. Teachers should make six figure salaries in my opinion. They shape generations of children but get paid chicken scratch.


Teachers are underpaid and under-educated. We need to pay handsome sums to educated people to teach kids to be fully rounded people. The people teaching kids are wrong and the amount paid to teachers is wrong.


Being an angry little man is not what any kid needs in a teacher Aurellus, Hopefully you are not a teacher either.


I love Teachers! Most compassionate beings in the world! Parents shouldn't be able to email teachers though. That shit is crazy! Unless Teachers salary covers the extra headache Portland parents give.... Portland parents are easily the most entitled babies I've ever been around. I could only imagine reading an email from a parent that says, "we're going to Disneyland for a week and I'm concerned my son/daughter will miss out on homework. Could you package something for us to take on our vacation. Just spend your weekend putting something together. We leave Tuesday!"


PSmith is one of those people who doesn't actually do anything. "Go get another job" is what every loser unwilling to stand up for what's right always says. I've worked in education as well as known dozens of teachers, and the IA poster is 100 percent correct - politicians have ruined education. One teacher I know told me her third graders now HATE reading. Why? Because they associate it with endless testing, not the joy of learning something new. She included all the smart kids in her story, by the way, not just the ones who struggle with reading. She also told me every single minute of her day is pretty much micro-managed, and time she used to spend getting to know her little charges is now spent satisfying the whims of politicians and bureaucrats. Most parents don't know squat about education but think they do. I actually worked in it, and I always verbally supported my kids' teachers and thanked them at every parent-teacher conference -- something, btw, they told me most parents don't do. Most American parents don't understand their job is to raise someone who can take care of themselves, not someone who needs others to take care of them all the time. So lots of students are lie PSmith, they don't challenge themselves, they expect others to do for them and then we wonder why teachers get burned out. BTW this is NOT a problem in other developed nations, where the morons haven't been allowed to take over education. Repeat, PSmith is a loser, don't even waste time on people like him (or her), he's exactly why this country is declining because of instead of actually learning from someone he assumes he can lecture them about their own experience.