You were the woman running the checkout line Saturday night at the Hawthorne Fred Meyer. I was the customer grabbing a couple groceries with my daughter. I asked you, "How's your day going." You began to tell me how your you had good customers that day and about to go into more detail about why, when I awkwardly blurted out "WELL THAT MAKES THE DAY GO FASTER," which immediately made you go silent.
I'm guessing, based upon the look on your face, that my shitty interruption definitely didn't put me in the "good customer" category, and probably made you feel a lot smaller than you deserved. The customer-employee relationship is already a shitshow of a power imbalance, and this didn't help make anything better.
I wish I was able to read the social cues better, and apologize when I don't, but I froze up and awkwardly slinked out of the store rather than do the right thing. So, I'm sorry I made your day shittier. I wish I could've been one of the good customers.

At least my daughter complimented your outfit on the way out. She's better at this than me.