White Baby, Enlightened



You are literally complaining about a baby staring at you. Reflect upon that for a moment. Have you encountered a baby before? This is what they fucking do! They stare at anyone that crosses their path. Usually they smile, it's cute. They have yet to physiologically develop the capacity for understanding that that there are self-centered, condescending assholes like yourself in the world that will project their own biases onto them. Way to be, brah.


Nine times out of ten when an infant scowls it's because it has gas.


If a baby is staring at you it is curious and by smiling and talking to the baby the baby will interact with you, depending on the baby's personality. Most babies will smile back. Some may look away and then peek at you, because they are shy or they are unsure. Some babies may be startled by a stranger's interaction and cry. Babies are barely formed humans who are learning as their brains grow at an astronomical rate - especially in the first 3 years.

Now what said baby's mother does when you do this will give you a good indication as to what kind of person she is, but a baby is a baby, innocent and curious and deserving of nothing but kindness and compassion from the world, always.


This weekend I was somewhere and a baby who was not of my same ethnic group stared at me. I waved and smiled. Mom smiled. Gee- was that hard? No. It was cute.


No shit. A 3 month old frowned at me on the bus because it just knew that I'm Jewish. It's mom must be a neo-nazi.


A sexist toddler gave me a funny look the other day but you don't see me complaining about it.


With such a supportive comments field, I wonder why a person of color would be uncomfortable in this city.


Yeah I mean it's fair enough to be uncomfortable as a minority in a city of mostly white people with a racist history but blaming a parent because a baby stared at them is another level of projection. To think a parent has any control over a babies interpretation of race at that age is over the top and not conducive to any kind of actual conversation about race relations, hence the jokes and takedowns.


Now if it was an teenager OP would have a great point but a baby..... seriously?


One of the better troll posts I've seen in a long time. 9/10


Totally fake, written by a white male with a chip on his shoulder. There is no such thing as a baby that judges skin color. And there's no such thing as an adult black person who would project racism onto a baby like that.


This is the dumbest drivel ever published by IAnonomous. Congratulations PeaBrain, you’ve accused a baby, A BABY FOR GODS SAKE, of racism. Your apparent stupidity knows no bounds. Your’s will forever be the stupidest, densest, most inane shit ever published in this column. How proud you must be of the eternal low bar you’ve set. Idiot.


Having reread this racist drivel I’ve realized it’s a hoax. Ain’t no way someone’s actually that messed up in the head. Congratulations and well done! Pretty funny stuff, speaks of the times we’re in. Your award for the stupidest shit ever posted on IAnonymous is hereby rescinded.


It's time for a baby bus ban.


...this is obviously satire but it is fun watching people basically have strokes over an IA.