Bottle and can collectors



The reason people don't do that is because if the aluminum cans aren't removed from the yellow bin, the recycling guys won't pick it up. I sympathize having been broke enough to need to do that but there are other options out there especially for food and rent assistance. Collecting cans will never be worth the effort it requires. Having lived in other major US cities, it's a miracle that most people even sort the garbage out of their bins.


I live on the coast and people leave their garbage everywhere and while everyone vilifies the poor and the homeless, it is the poor and the homeless who spend the most time picking up the bottles and cans left on the beach and returning them to Safeway.


This is why I put my returnable empties in a separate box next to the recycling. Most people, however, are asshats.


You do know there are lots of unskilled jobs out there, right?


I feel you! I teach preschool and collect cans. Make too much money for any assistance.


i usually bag up all the cans in my posseion (once a month) to put on the curb on a Sat. morning. I don't put cans in my recycle bin, nor in the yellow bin.