Hey you, wonderful people who reside in Portland! The doors are open, there is no cover, a live band is playing music in an establishment. You, by yourself or with a group of people walk in, don't acknowledge any of the staff, look at your phones, go and use the bathroom, you may have a cup of coffee or kambucha. There may or may not be table service, but you haven't looked at the menu because you were never planning on ordering anything or tipping the musicians. After a good amount of time passes one of the staff walks up and greets you, asks if you are waiting on someone or would like to order. You either lie, or outright say 'No.' The most astonishing thing is how surprised you are when I bluntly tell you 'you gotta get the fuck out.' or you walk out as if I don't exist, sometimes you smile as if I am joking and make me have to repeat myself. I'm amazed at how clueless you are, you fucking free loader piece of shit, or maybe you were born under a rock before moving here. Either way, on behalf of all the service industry here, fuck you very much you spineless wastes of life. Earth is over populated, do everyone a favour and off yourself.