EVERY CHILD KNOWS HOW TO COUGH CORRECTLY NOW. (FYI- it is into the crook of your elbow, which helps to prevent the spread of diseases because, WONDER OF WONDERS, you are not coughing into your hand which you use to touch everything.) Why this is SO FUCKING HARD for adults to master is beyond me. Don't cough into your hand, don't use your hand to wipe your nose (I am looking at you, checker at Lowes who did a full hand snot wipe before handing me my bag), and don't just give up covering it altogether and cough straight out into the air. Please, PLEASE just cough correctly. You are the 4th grown adult in the past day that I have seen cough into their hand and then touch shit. If my 3 year old niece can cough correctly, so can you, able bodied grown person. The flu is nasty, I just had it (and I got my flu shot thank you very much), and I blame the adults who weren't taught how to not be 100% disgusting. USE YOUR FUCKING ELBOW.