Thanks to the internet and the wonderful world of social media, no greater hater has climbed to the top of the swamp that is humanity than the grammar nazi. Apparently your (fellow internet user) comment, rant, argument or whatever it is you are posting should have been proof read, peer reviewed and only posted if it has the correct syntax and grammar to rival a catholic school student with bruised knuckled from a nun's ruler. Because anything a person has to say on the internet should absolutely be refuted and contested based on the fact that they can't write a proper sentence. the mere foundation of whatever it is they are trying to communicate should be shot down immediately, contested and have no validity based on the fact that they were a product of the public school system, never cared about grammar as long as the substance, weight and reason for content being posted had a point they were trying to get across. I am sure there has never been an author or any person who makes a living writing that has ever had terrible grammar. Far be it for someone writing a quick post or comment being roasted by trolls to steer the conversation or add confusion. You grammar nazi aren't helping. Grammar Nazi fuck off! Oi!