There’s nothing I despise more about living in this city than having to see homeless people all over downtown. Their visible poverty and lack of contribution to our great society makes me both uncomfortable and fearful. So when one of “them” came silently shuffling into the Pearl District Chipotle with the audacity to sift gently through the garbage looking for cans, I was greatly relieved to witness your response. I didn’t notice the man silently searching for ten cent recyclables, I don’t think anyone did, but we all noticed when you screamed at him from across the store. Everyone went quiet, presumably in awe of your strength and courage, as you shouted at him to stay out of “your” trash. He submitted to your well established authority and left the store empty handed, knowing full well who that bag of garbage really belongs to: You. With your sexy music note tattoos and low-wage job, you showed that poverty stricken man who was in charge of this mediocre burrito chain. I hope one day to have the bravery to scream at homeless people like you do, they need to be put in their place more often (Their place, just to be clear, is below the rest of us).