It was the first day of spring, a time many Portlanders eagerly await- myself included. I decided to roll my windows down and enjoy the air in my lungs and on my skin. I took in a deep breath. Springtime air feels so good in the body.

But then I got to the red light on 39th and Hawthorne and some fucking dude who was in charge of blowing a big ass air-blower thingy blew all the dirty, nasty bullshit from the gutter of the street and sidewalk into the air and RIGHT INTO MY OPEN CAR WINDOWS.

Wtf. Gross.

Wake up and look around before you forcibly spew dirty, street dust and grime into the air with people close by. Try an ounce of self-awareness and holler a warning maybe? I love Portland but I don’t need its dirtiness all in my car, ya know?

You didn’t ruin my day. I just couldn’t sleep right without letting you know what’s up – don’t be that dude. Look around you more.