Sorry that happened to you. That’s really shitty.


That is truly horrible.


This is a horrific story. And it is the norm, not the exception. Human beings are deeply disturbed and the sexual abuse of children is rampant, worldwide (for example, how on earth does the Catholic Church still exist? and why on earth would anyone allow any Catholic, especially a priest, anywhere near a child?) There are more people on the face of this earth with stories like this than there are people who have never been sexually abused. Humanity is an absolute shit show from birth to death.


@5 Every person that this happens to responds differently. Some people survive and go on and do things in their life, some of them with great impact on the world like Amanda Nguyen (RISE) or JessXSnow or Elizabeth Smart or Oprah Winfrey. Some people are able to get help they need and move forward and live.

Far too many people are destroyed by sexual abuse. It is insidious in its destruction of trust, personal safety and well being, worldview, relationships, ability to function and cope, etc. It's great that you got help and are a survivor and feel empowered. We you raped by your father and all of his friends for years like this person?

Everyone responds to trauma differently. Period. Full Stop. It is absolutely absurd to believe in any kind of way "hey I got through it so should you." Some sexually abused become addicts. some sexually abused become sexual abusers themselves. Some sexually abused go on to live there lives and never look back, knowing they were not at a fault and what happened to them didn't break them. Some sexually abused kill themselves. Some sexually abused kill others.

The problem in this world is not how those who are victimized respond it is how those who do the abusing continue to do it and get away with it and have for centuries.

You remind me of the people who told the Parkland shooting victims to get over their trauma, they lived. Two of those survivors have now killed themselves. Avielle Richman's father just killed himself. Avielle was murdered at Sandy Hook and he used his grief to create a foundation and work to help others so that what happened to his daughter could hopefully be prevented. He still killed himself. The mass shootings have not stopped. Our society has done nothing to even try.

One would think that a survivor of an abusive childhood would have far more empathy.


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