Bubble gum on your windshield because...



FINALLY! Someone has the guts and intelligence to notice that nobody ever talks about all those nasty "not from around here" people! I salute you for your insight, prescience, and clever humor! May everyone learn from your example and post many different versions of the idea that people who aren't REAL Portlanders (or REAL Oregonians, even!) are a blight on this beautiful and pure land designed to be enjoyed by we (at least the REAL ones among us) who cherish it most and best!


Bet you support the open borders though.


if you feel superior to other people and want to say nasty things about them, the very least you could do is learn how to spell.


Way to leave DNA samples all over the city.


Yeah, I hate out of state drivers. Trying to be all fancy with their experience driving faster than 55mph on a highway, the nerve.


Oo this is fun!

Delaware: Are you even really a thing?
Utah: Turn back before you see something you can't unsee.
Maine: Wrong Portland dumbass!
North and South Dakota: You already have four Senators representing 26 people and now you're coming for our parking spaces??
New Jersey: Bitch please!

Now where's my Pulitzer Prize?


@10, My parents used to live in Chandler (now Queen Creek), and your AZ comment made my literally LOL because it's so damned true.