Fuck these Portland die hards!



Wouldn't be a day in the IA column of the PM if there weren't some sort of Portland native tirade (pro/con/whatever).


Yeah I always enjoy it when the Portland yuppies brag about how cultured and well-traveled they are and in the same sentence denounce people moving into their community.


I'm sick of listening to you locals bitch about transplants. I've lived here long enough to share my 2 cents. Portland locals are lazy, privileged, whinny bitches that use "want" in sentences to communicate how they feel. Get a clue high school dropouts. It's not your fault though. It's hard to predict unless you've been priced out before. Good news is now you know. Find another city and make it your own. Close the book on your first chapter in life. Leave the bubble. You might end up liking a fresh start


This conversation is so old it should be collecting Social Security.


Cities are going to grow, that’s what they’re going to do. I think we all know that.

And sometimes I wax nostalgic about the old days, and it’s nice. It doesn’t mean I actually want to be twenty years old paying $400 rent for a studio downtown, but there were nice parts about it, obviously. But most Portlanders can’t go back more than a couple generations at most anyway and everything changes, so whatever. We are the damned of all the world and we should all make space for each other and comfort each other as the world decays around us. The community is, after all, what we have and what we make of it.

On the other hand, if you’re going to move to a city and then whine endlessly that everyone else has a problem except for you, and say that everybody else should leave their homes because you’re butthurt that Portland isn’t San Diego, I’ll respectfully ask if you have considered fucking yourself. Because it sounds like nobody else will.


@7 that actually made me laugh out loud. thank you for that.


Guys Guys Guys, if you don't like it here for whatever reason that is - move away! I like it here, I am staying.