Stop Starting Bands



you don't have to listen to it, and most bands that "make it" are comprised of members who played in suck-ass bands for years before they figured it out. That being said I do kind of feel bad for the room-mates at our practice spot. The riffs have definitely been lackluster and I know they know it :(


...and furthermore, if you ever attempt any endeavor and don't immediately achieve all the success you desire, give up immediately. Just quit. There's no sense in doing anything that you can't do perfectly on the first try. Especially if I don't like it.


2, let’s hear your latest record. Oh, you don’t know how to play? STFU.


Yeah because we want to encourage people to stop making music, that will definitely make the world better. Thankfully whoever wrote this is an old man yelling at a cloud. It will never happen. The only way to get the music from the bands that don't suck is to have millions of bands that do suck, just like everything else.


Ha! Your response made chuckle. You sound just like my 22 year old daughter (who, like you, mistakes her briefly thought out opinions as succinct social criticism). Funny when a grown man acts that way. Assuming you are grown?


And as fat and ugly as Robert Smith is, he’s still probably getting way more action than you.