You’re Still Fake



Hey OP, you know you don't have to read everything she posts, right? And that you're free to live a life that does not include any awareness of this person's existence, right? And that when you continue to be entangled with her, knowing you hate it but doing it anyway, you are the one who sounds fake, right?


And @1, can you provide some context here? Are you saying that implants are unnecessary in general and that Oregonians are unlikely to be impressed with the results? Or is this some attempted insult of Oregonians, who obviously can't appreciate the kind of truly awesome rack that can be achieved through modern medical intervention?


I don't follow this one, but I also hate implants.


This made no sense but in general I find it's best not to tell a woman what to do with her body. Unfollow/mute/block/stop being a passive aggressive puss.


Portland Feminist: "what a woman does with her body is entirely her decision and answers to nobody for her image, sexuality, or personal choice."

Also a Portland Feminist: "your vanity and lack of intelligence are exemplified by your implants and your compliance with the patriarchal enslavement of female sexuality is an insult to all women who have free choice."


Well done, @8...the perfect example of how impossible we have made our society for half of its members.


As a cat, made out of poop, I just want to say that I resent you even thinking, and what's more, vocalizing publically, that you think your opinion of how I live, how I interact with the world, and what I do with my body is somehow, "Right". Essentially, by vocalizing your judgement of this women who choose to augment her breast size with synthetic implants, you are judging me for getting implants in 6 of my 8 breasts. What you are asserting in your poorly constructed rant, is fundamentally no different from say, a poorly written judgement of myself for choosing to terminate my last pregnancy. Regardless of what you think, people treat me differently since I got my breast implants. People are nicer, more inclined to help me succeed, personally and professionally. My career has taken off since my operation. Regardless of what you think, we do not live in a meritocracy, and for you to condemn a woman for choosing to understand the fundamentally animal nature of human-interaction, and utilize technology to weaponize the tools available to her to help her navigate a facet of it, is just as offensive as someone saying "I don't think you should be able to choose how you interact with the world. I don't think that you should have control over what you do to yourself" And to say that what I do is shallow, because I crave attention, and the small burst of dopamine my brain gives me when one of my followers clicks "like" on the lewd pictures of myself I post, licking myself, with my hind paw in the air, and my 8 breasts hanging out for the world to see, is in itself, an astoundingly shallow mode of thought, as you are admitting that that is what's on your mind: me, my life, and what I do on social media. And the only thing that's less interesting than being obsessed with doing things on social media, is being obsessed with what other people are doing on social media.