No. We cannot, apparently.
Check out this perspective: Pretty much everything we as humans consume is a direct pipeline to the ego and a sense of superiority.
Moral, ethical, racial. Movies, TV, books, comedy.
Food, politics, class.
Murder, war, assault.
There's many more, but the point is that we're so wrapped up in competing for "top human" that we forget we even feel this way. None of us are in touch with our own shortcomings, so we externalize them.
Dig deep, and you'll know it's true. No human is more human than any other. This is true regardless of class, age, race, political stance, etc.
It's a hard pill to swallow, I know.
I wish we could all get along, but the core reason for our existence is based in competition for... You guessed it, superiority.
We're all pretty frustrated, and I feel it could be beneficial for all of us to really look deeply into ourselves and think about what really makes us tick.