Historical Marker



I think it was 2013.

Caleb Porter put the Timbers in the spotlight
Rose Garden renamed to the Moda Center
Inaugural season for the Portland Thorns in the NWSL
Blazers used first round pick to draft an injured player
Multnomah Whiskey Library opened attracting hoards of snobby drinkers
Portland Film Festival founded
White Owl Social Club opened
marks the year with the greatest increase in rental rates since 2000
senate says no to a new I-5 crossing after spending millions devising plan
Portland featured in six episodes of Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives

the list goes on


If what the OP and @1 say is true, I have to ask why they have continued to live in shit for all these years. Even a house cat knows enough not to continue to use a litter box that's full.


I'm mostly joking Eprophet. I'm a former film nerd so I fully endorse the Portland Film Festival, I've enjoyed the libations at the White Owl and Whiskey library, and I don't even care about sports enough to know what I said without the assistance of Google. I will say though, I dislike Guy Fieri with a passion, and I do think we need to figure out a solution for river crossings without spending a sizable portion of our budget on "planning" with clearly no intent to ever push something through.


Oh and another thing, I think the lawyers on the Moda deal really did a bogus job. The Rose Garden should have stayed the Rose Garden, and I think legally they could have accomplished that with a sign that said something dumb like "brought to you by Moda" or "the Rose Garden by MODA" whatever. I don't care what the sign says, it's the damn Rose Garden.


You leave my bleached friend Guy out of this you son of a bitch. He's a welcomed and beloved institution here. Portland needs to be welcoming to everyone even if they wear flame shirts in 2019.


It's true: Portland went completely to shit when a minor-league baseball team that had trouble drawing 1,000 people to its games was replaced by soccer club that brought an MLS cup here and had to expand its stadium just to meet demand. Meanwhile, why is anyone on line for Salt and Straw in 2019? Ruby Jewel and Fifty Licks are right there.


@1 Using things you love about Portland as a means of dissuading people from coming here: I like it.

When Portland went to hell:
Laurelhurst started showing first-run movies
Cartopia went permanent
Holsteins closed
Pink Taco never opened
Tap That was forced to rename to Ankeny Tap and Table
Ground Kontol expanded to two spaces
Martin Cizmar left

the list goes on


Portland is just emerging from the hell its been in forever. I do not wish to go backwards, especially to a city that was economically depressed and even more corrupt than it is now. These are the best of times.


Wrong, the best of times will be when Portland is renamed Flavortown. Yes, I'm still upset about your Fieri bashing.


Listen, I watched grocery games and enjoyed it okay


@3 Seems to me the west coast loves to spend money on discussion and "planning" without doing anything (such as Seattle spending over $70 million on the monorail, voted on 4X by the voters to move forward and build, never built, never will be built). I don't understand how they get away with it. /this comment requires no commentary/


@3 and @8: A round for the both of you. Absolutely right: These are the good old days for this town. @11 I'll take it over the East Coast, where everything takes twice as long to build and comes in at double the budget because every politician's cousin and deadbeat brother-in-law wanted a cut for themselves. Chances that something wonderful like the Tillikum Bridge is ever build in the the Northeast Corridor? -1%.


Professional sports are for morons who like to sit around and get fatter while they watch other people getting paid to get exercise.


@13, couldn't be truer of Blazers fans. On the other hand, Timbers fans are a pretty fit bunch - at least the ones who go to the games