Am I wrong to love my dog? Am I wrong to say on my dating profile that my dog will come first? That you will always be second? Is it wrong to say that you will have to compete with my dog for my love? Is it wrong to say that if my dog doesn't like you, neither will I?

Is it wrong to call myself a dog "parent" while at the same time French kissing my "dog-child" for my latest Instagram posting? Is it wrong to show so much physical affection for my dog that some might say it borders on an unhealthy obsession?

I sleep with my dog. I cuddle on the couch with my dog. I take my dog EVERYWHERE with me, except when I lock him in a cage while I go to work or out with friends. I LOVE my dog.

I mean to say: I'm IN LOVE with my dog. My dog is my world and there's nothing you can do about it. Is it wrong to love an animal more than any human? The answer is NO.

The only remaining question I have is: Why am I still single??