Hey you, person in my face lecturing me because the gourmet food shop/restaurant/coffee shop where I work as a cashier has the balls to offer an OPTION to tip. Do you think that venting your general frustration about tipping in a retail situation to us is fair, when we would risk our jobs to explain life as a service person in a rich person's retail setting? There is posting at my register explaining that we have been asked to offer the option to tip when they are paying with credit or debit cards for food and service in our store. READ IT! Don’t assume that I am asking you to tip me for ringing you up, fully engaging in conversations, doting on your bratty kids, making you laugh, sharing knowledge about speciality foods. Your attitude shows willfull ignorance. Have you noticed that as cashiers we have lots of side work such as bussing your heavy dishes, carting them across the store to the kitchen, and cleaning up after you and your kids when you spend hours socializing or working at our tables? Would you feel okay tipping a table busser? What about our baristas, prepared foods staff, the cheese mongers that give detailed consultations and generous samples? Do you or do you not tip food service people? Some guests who come to our store get it. They have no problem dropping a fiver into our collective tip jar. Some of them are privileged but aware that their privilege comes with a price to service workers who can barely make rent due to the "haves" moving to Portland in droves pushing us out of our formerly affordable apartments. If you can't handle the guilt pangs don't come to our store, or PAY IN CASH to avoid the tip prompt.