Psst, hey dick head. TIP!



@1, I think a key piece of information is left out, or at least, it's there if you read between the lines. I/A says they had to explain the corking fee, and after explaining that fee they weren't entitled to a tip. This implies two things. First, the customer either did not know what a corking/house fee was, and/or disagreed with the requirement to pay it. Second, it implies the customer - after the fee was explained, explicitly told the server they were not going to get a tip, and in fact told the server they were not "entitled" to one. This further illustrates how this customer views service staff as well as their personal philosophy on tipping. Regardless of our own views and practices on tipping, a customer who is going to argue about the house corking fee and then in lieu of accepting that charge threaten the "entitled" server to no tip (before all services have been complete) is in fact a dick head move. The individual could have yielded his/her right to demean the waitstaff and simply not tipped at the end. I think this I/A is probably well-versed in the facts of life and tipping, and I think their anger and frustration (in of itself enough to imply immaturity ???) is likely a response to how the customer responded to the fee and then penalized the service for it, not just a response to the act of tipping itself.


Tips Tips Tips. For fuck sake, if you're not doing something special (i.e. pouring a glass) then don't expect at tip! Don't get mad at the guy enjoying his time. Get mad at the owner you work for for not paying you enough money so you don't get mad over tips. For example. I'm not tipping $1 every beer. Maybe if I ordered a mixed drink, yea, I'll tip then. But if you're pouring beer from a tap then turning around to leave it on the counter while spilling a bit on the counter. You ain't getting shit.