Just the other day I was wondering to myself "Where have all those idiots driving trucks with the big flags?" and what do you know? The day the Mueller report is released I saw three of these morons on the street.

One of these Trump fu*k boys truck was plastered with right-wing stickers on the back window to the point that it was completely covered, just like that MAGA-Bomber had. I wonder if he even sees himself as a whacked-out right-winger who is completely and utterly brainwashed? I guess the answer is in the question, right?

I also wonder why I saw three of these Cult .45 members yesterday, when I haven't seen them in months? Did they all get their marching orders from some right-wing comment board to stick that big ol' flag in the bed of their trucks and drive around town to troll the libs?

I've always found it funny that these right-wing idiots consider themselves "real" men when they have literally fallen in love with a New York elitist, draft-dodger, obese, disgusting, petty, racist who was born with a silver spoon up his ass. These right-wing sheep almost have a sexual fetish with the garbage human in the White House.

Funny stuff, eh?