The racist leader of the Birther Movement (how was that not "presidential harassment"?) is saying that he did nothing wrong, when the Mueller Report clearly states otherwise. Do you see how this white THUG in the White House gets away with so much? Talk about failing upwards! He lies, he cheats, he scams, he attempts to obstruct justice (but is too inept to succeed) and yet the Repugs are all saying, "Nothing to see here!"

Let's take a trip down Repug hypocrisy memory lane:

Never mind the COUNTLESS times Faux News and other Repug pundits called for Obama's impeachment, but you also had Repug politicians doing the same... and all for "offenses" much less than Trump's:

In 2010, Rep. Darrell Issa said Obama could face impeachment after Rep. Joe Sestak claimed the White House offered him a job to prevent him from challenging Arlen Specter in a primary.

In 2011, Rep. Michael Burgess told a local Tea Party group that Obama's impeachment "needs to happen," without specifying why.

In 2012, Sen. Jon Kyl said "impeachment is always a possibility" over Obama's immigration policies.

In 2014, Rep. Jason Chaffetz said he was not pushing for impeachment, but didn't rule out that Obama could be kicked out of office over the Benghazi affair.

In 2013, Sen. Tom Coburn told the audience at a town-hall meeting that Obama was getting "perilously close" to qualifying for impeachment. Coburn's fellow Oklahoma senator, James Inhofe, agreed.

In 2013, Rep. Kerry Bentivolio said his legislative dream would be to impeach Obama.

During the debt-ceiling crisis, Rep. Louie Gohmert told an interviewer that defaulting on the U.S. government's debt would be an "impeachable offense."