It was a nice sunny day yesterday. There I was, sitting in traffic at a redlight with a crowd of people waiting for a bus and my windows down. A drunk gets up from the bench and approaches my passenger side window. "Hey you, 2 dollars! Give me food, 211, you know what I mean? 2 dollars!" The nerve. I tell the guy get away from my truck, and if I had the cash I wouldn't give it to someone who demands it. He then points out his hat, which states he's a Vietnam veteran. I tell him that if it's true, thanks, but he still needs to get away from my truck - keep in mind his hands are inside of my truck at this point. "2 dollars, 211 know what I mean, veteran, that's what I am, I'm not afraid of you!!" The guy is totally belligerent, I tell him to piss off and drink some water. At this point he's yelling "I'm not afraid of you!" How nice that the crowd waiting for the bus are completely ignorant to the conversation, but when it's a drunk native wearing a veteran hat yelling "I'm not afraid of you" now I'm the bad guy? Fuck every person who yelled at me as I pulled away when the light turned green. I didn't do anything wrong. Typical for Portland, everything is about homeless rights even when they're complete fucking idiots.