You should put some glass in that hole, or did you cheap out on the optional A/C?


I think there's more to this story than you're telling us, I,A.

Also why mention his race at all - especially at the end and correlating his race to his state of drunkenness via stereotype. It doesn't do anything but highlight some persona bigotry on your end.

Yeah, there's more to this than you're telling us.


I like how everyone just focuses on the truck, as if that makes the story any different. And have any of you actually had to deal with a drunk/high homeless person before? Like, outside of just passing one with your doors locked the one time you drove downtown? Many people have lobbied complaints, our papers (including the merc) have written articles about it, companies have threatened to leave, the city has held press conferences...homeless aggression is a real issue, at a certain point you're going to have to transcend victim blaming and acknowledge there may actually be an issue. You all live in the suburbs and it shows.


I agree Someguy, I live downtown and deal with it daily. Drug abuse and mental health issue plague homeless and non-homeless alike. I just find it interesting that on I, Anon people come here all the times with rants about issues, and most of the regs here just find ways to victim blame or turn the issue inside out. First thing people point out is the truck, because trucks are synonymous with everything bad you people interpret with society for some reason. This issue doesn't seem like it was a very big deal, but I'm just confused what y'all would have liked the person to do instead, or why you're unwilling to admit maybe this person who harassed them was a problem? I've had people pull knives on me, spit on me, try to throw shit on me. I had one try to get in my car and hold on as I drove away. This guy says the drunk walked up to his truck and put his arms inside of his vehicle and demanded money. Why do you people interpret that situation as the driver needing compassion? That's just totally off base in my opinion, and I honestly don't think any of you would deal with the situation any differently than telling the person to get away from your vehicle. Obviously we don't have the whole story, but I,A also limits how much you can post. My guess is maybe this person has had a few run ins and all it ever amounts to - like in this forum - is people taking the side of the homeless/addict instead of the other.


our experiences don't have to equate phlegmmy. There's enough banter around from people who are not me about the problem to inform that it's an issue. If you and the rest of the 5 people who post here don't want to believe that then keep showing down the bullshit. You've lived here for roughly a decade, not downtown, and I'm supposed to think that means something? Shit head I'm from here, and I live right outside of Chinatown, ground fucking zero for the scumbags. Not all are bad, but the bad ones are. I don't have to explain myself to you, and I certainly have no insecurity. I happen to have two trucks, so the fuck what. Are you trying to say I'm OP? "you have that truck." If so you can think what you want. I just think it's ludicrous that you, someguy, and a few others say the same exact shit to every post - and for what reason? You all just sound like each other and shit on posts when someone is ranting about something. That's what the fucking site is for, but you're all so damn miserable and think your meager experiences mean something. They don't. If someone posts something happy, you shit on it. If someone posts an annoyance. You shit on it. If someone agrees with the OP, then they must be OP because how in the world could someone agree. Seriously though, the animosity around here fucking stinks.


Concur w Doomtown. From the stated facts OP is is an innocent party made to look bad which is why he is complaining in IA.


This is why we need to stop the war in Vietnam.