You know how many times I've bumped or rammed into people's shoulders on the bus? Zero. Sometimes I have two bags in hand too. If I do ram people now, it's on purpose.

Once in the self checkout station at grocery store, I was checking myself out. I had my violin in case on floor, out of way. Sure, those spaces are a tight fit. Yet, so, some lady with her walker decided to walk through, opposite direction too from flow of traffic and rammed my case. She said excuse me, and I said good grief lady. If you aren't gonna fit, fucking turn around. I know you're privileged and lazy, and I dont like you.

Also on the bus, what's with people sitting next to you and needing to squish in, sometimes on purpose, or too gently rub arms and shoulders the whole ride? You know this makes me uncomfortable? Are you that much neglecting touch and human contact?

What's with people with their damn shoes tied to their backpack, flailing around? People have no sense of personal space.