Not that I had any purposeful intent in the cause of your death, but as someone who drives for work (not uber/lyft) on Fri-sun nights I just can't find any empathy towards you idiots. Be you homeless, out clubbing, teenager, show goer, or bar hopper, one thing you have in common is you're all drunk and you all think we as sober working drivers will not hit you when you run into the street on a green so you can catch your Uber. Or walk into a busy street crosswalk all in black w your face in your phone. Or test fate by thinking it won't happen to you. Eventually it will, and you'll be dying in the street and my dash cam will have caught it all alleviating me of legal guilt, and I just won't feel bad. You had it coming by thinking you're invincible and that we should be looking out for you when you break basic rules for your safety. Hope it's worth it, if you live ill be suing you for damages to my car.