I love me a good game of Dungeons & Dragons. For the record, PBOT, you're the best Dungeon Master in town! You're carefully crafted "Death Streets of Portland" adventure is a masterpiece! With classic death traps like the poorly designed entrance/exit to the Fremont Bridge off North Vancouver to the gauntlets of half finished condo construction spilling into traffic your carefully adventure for high level commuters is truly a challenge! How will our heroes react when Foster becomes two lanes? Will they yell in frustration, throwing their dice across the room when they realized SE 50th & Lincoln has become impassable due to incoherent piles of shit in the middle of the road? Awesome! ...except Dungeons & Dragons is a fantasy game, and we live in reality. Please stop taking unnecessary concrete and metal shits in the road, allowing private developers to close whole lanes of traffic, (two on NE Sandy!), and purposefully narrowing our Streets. It is not "safer" it is more dangerous. Give us our fucking Streets back.