...and I'm still chuckling to myself at what we were just able to pull off. All we had to do was play hooky for a few days, and we managed to absolutely own the Donkeys, again! For the ignorant, here's what we did:

1. Convinced our donors and voters that we are still totally anti-tax, because we dared to NOT COME TO WORK for a few days, but since we're elected, no consequences!
2. Finally allowed the modest tax package to go through, getting credit for PRETENDING TO support teachers and students.
3. Scuttled common-sense vaccination and gun laws that would have provided ACTUAL support for keeping students and teachers safe, reinforcing our support from science deniers and the NRA.

This is why I, and my colleagues at the national level, are totally winning. We're in the minority, but even when the Demo-craps have a majority they can't deliver. Just watch how we bring Gilead west, now that we've got our footholds in Georgia, Alabama, and the goddamn US SUPREME COURT!

And - BONUS! - we don't even have to pretend to care anymore.