For anyone on that horribly packed Tuesday afternoon 4:15pm Orange Line Max Train going to Milw., in the first car who had to listen to that absolutely wastoid guy that got on and just wouldn't shut his mouth about how we all gotta be cool to him for pushing through, talking shit to everyone, sexually harassing anyone, letting us all know his plan to go to fantasy to get some ass, asking people to bend over or give them their mouth to use, don't look at him, don't make a face or he's gonna be a bad man!, etc. You were there. Fuck that kind of human trash, the train was so full no one else should have gotten on in the first place, and as a group we should instantly expel these kind of asshole riders at the next available stop. Yes, I informed the driver. And it should have been more then just me. One guy saying there is an asshole is shruggable, ten people demanding a true piece of shit wastoid get off makes it happen. We shouldn't just take it, ride it out. A group NO! This behavior isn't ok, and Tri-Met needs to have a police officer ready to remove this trash at the next available stop.