Dear clean and safe supervisor, who always is squeaky clean. I never met anyone as harsh as you. Women to women. Everyday I keep my head up and try to atleast make conversation with you, like hi how you doing? Or hey good morning how are you today? I try to suck it up and just do my job, yeah sometimes I take more breaks then usual. So I can ease my mind and come back into the peace I had before I started working here. And guess what I am not the only one doing it. I feel you only target me. And it really making me feel low so please stop it. Why did you hire me in the first place then? To ruin my self esteem? And the reply I get from you and your other guy friend is really bringing my anxiety back and really cruel and unfriendly. Maybe I am not a American women that's why you are racist to me. Women to women I am strong enough to still be friendly even though I am dying inside.