I have had 3 encounters with aliens, after which I promptly got 3 pshyc evaluations. My insurance refused to pay for the last one as the previous two deemed me "normal".
I have a "normal" life other than alien encounters which is why I can't talk to anyone abouf it. I tried a couple of times and it did not go over well. I could give a crap about being believed, I don't really WANT to tell unsuspecting people about my telepathic communication with alien beings that infiltrated my bedroom... But I do wish I had someone else who understands and has had contact with them too.
They told me they are interested in certain bloodlines and that they're fascinated by our primitive uses of technology and refusal to care for our fellow humans. The most life changing things that have ever happened to me make me feel isolated. Am I really the only one in Portland who's met them?