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"I’ve listened to this show in Baltimore, Md. Lars is
no intellectual giant, and I’ve heard tell a version of
a current news story that is completely the opposite
of the facts.

Then I remind myself that there is a reason why his show is not on during the daytime hours.

He sucks."

"Lars is an idiot. Every point he makes is surface level as he doesn’t have an understanding of the complexity surrounding the issues he thinks he’s an expert on. About what I expect from a college dropout turned talking head entertainer."

"It’s easy too be Lars on the radio,if someone gets the best of him on a subject he just hits the dump button"

"Lars Larson is without a doubt the most rude and annoying talk show host in the country. He is more disgusting then Rush Limbaugh. He treats his callers very rudely and anybody who disagrees with him. Listen to talk show host in Seattle and you will get a much different opinion of how a talk show host is supposed to act. Dori Monson on KIRO FM in Seattle is a model host and has much higher ratings than Lars Larson ever will."