Something weird happened today, and it's so bizzare it's like a bad movie. A movie about a dedicated cat sitter:
Some strager tried to open a door to my apartment. I've observed them for a bit, they walked up and down the hallway, then tried to open my door again. When is a good time to give up? The key did not match, but they kept on trying to get in. So I knocked from the inside and asked what are they doing. The stranger got scared, but remained standing by the door. I asked and confirmed they were looking for my apartment number. They called someone and said "ready to pick up a cat", "I do not feel safe, someone knocked from the inside", but continued standing by the door. I understood, it was just a confusion and whole situation was silly, so I opened a door to talk. Big mistake. The dedicated cat sitter started filming me, put the foot in my door and pushed hard trying to break in. I slammed the door, locked it and called the cops. When I called 911, dedicated cat sitter finally left. Police was there within less than a minute. This is when I've learned dedicated cat sitter called them as well. A sitter confused the building is what they've told police. Lesson learned, even if a situation seems safe, the other person might act unpredictable. Also, if the key does not match maaaybe it's a small hint to wonder why and stop trying to break into someone's apartment. Be safe out there, don't open a door to strangers.