Please don't move here.
I'm so sick of seeing and hearing all these, in this case, musicians and artists moving to Portland, so they're looking to "start a band," or "meetup with like minded people."
Some of them read, come off as another way to date.
Fucking lord.
This city has lost all it's soul and heart at least 5 years ago for unoriginality, and mediocrity.
But that is the time we live in.
Stay away.

Maybe I'm getting old.
Then there's always someone who will remark, "do you want things to always stay the same?" Or some dickwad with the concept, "you don't have to stay! Because I love food carts, orange bikes, e-scooters, lines around the corner to eat at the "hip" restaurants, way overpriced food, passive aggression, live in my brain dead, clueless world."
On and over again.