No one likes the nosy neighbor. Theres always annoying and hate filled neighbors. Everyone could think they're a cool neighbor yet in turn they could hate a neighbor and be hated themselves.

I'm not only talking of neighbors in living quarters but also neighbors on a street, in a cafe or restaurant, at a show, in class, for music, on the bus, etc. Its like so many neighbors need to see who's around them, this is fear planted in them to be aware of surroundings. Sure, I get it. But mind your own business. To have to look just to see who's next to you, behind you, in front of you? Who cares? Okay maybe for the sake of not being next to that annoying and super chill oblivious neighbor. Or maybe you're bored? Or super lonely? I promise theres a ton of shit to occupy your mind with, like music, magazines, books, and yes, a phone. But nope, you gotta just know what I'm wearing, what I look like, who i am, what race, what am I doing to my yard, what's that noise, oh my God, who sneezed, oh my sweet baby jesus, you talked, I had to see who you were, oh goodness, who's behind me at the deli. Like, why do you care? What will you do now that you see and can fill your small brain with more small thoughts? Who gives a fuck? Mind your own business.

I'm so so so so glad I dont have apt living to contend with anymore and all the bass, elephants walking upstairs, the good be neighbor police who dont like something, anything so have to confront at first kindly to ask to stop, when it doesnt, the war is on.

Man, fuck that shit .