Sometimes I sit at the same table as you at lunch on break from work. I'll watch you devour your tuna fish sandwich while looking at your phone. You never look up once. Your phone screen is greased the shit out because you dont wipe your hands. Do you even wash them bad boys? You'll scratch your head, wipe your face off, then eat more. You'll burp and fart. Sometimes man, the stench. Sometimes man, just the regular stench of your breath is horrific. I'll look at the chunk of tuna you leave on the table. Sometimes you'll eat the chunk of tuna that fell on the table. Then you'll munch cookies and I watch the crumbs fall to the floor. I wonder why I sit next to you? I wonder if I'm amused on some level? But nope, I have to walk away at times. But it's like I dont want to offend you if I do when I know you could care less. Sometimes I'll walk into the bathroom after you, just to see. I dont even use it sometimes. And the horror of what you do to the toilet seat and toilet bowl. You splash water all over the sink, no soap I'll add. Am I this bored at work? Are you this way when you're at home?
You should move out to the burbs. I dont know why I said that. Anyone who stereotypes a burbian is an idiot. Why would anyone say that? What a stupid characterization. I'm probably an idiot for thinking of you too much. I should probably move to the burbs. You wanna be my roommate? Oh, oh, there you go to the bathroom again?