I'd been up for the past 24 hours. Worked about 10 hours of the 24. It's not uncommon. I can be sleep deprived. I don't sleep well, so why lay there and fight to sleep?
Okay, so boarding the bus at 6 am after working through the night with the sun coming up...

I said, "How's it going?" to the bus driver.
I had headphones on and didn't hear or really listen for a response.
But I did hear, "where you going?"
I told him.
Then I said, "where you going?" I mean come on, that's funny.
He said, "I think I go there, I don't drive this line often." Bullshit, I've ridden with him before.
He then said, "You just look like a tourist."
I said, "I look like a tourist?"
I had a suitcase, a backpack, and a canvas bag on my shoulder. There's many people who don't understand this, and I'm not going to explain any of it now. But the judgment is, "oh you must be travelling with all that stuff." Nope, how about just stop judging because I promise you, you'll be wrong. Beside the point.
I walked away, and said, "you should see when I am a tourist." Which meant nothing because I would look the same, and this exchange wasn't hostile by any means. I was laughing.

Now getting off the bus, I said, "Have a good vacation."
He said, "Welcome to Portland."

Now this I can get on board with.