Your OCD is totally fucking my OCD. Whatever I do in private, I never try to affect others in public. Human behavior is nothing but a distraction, annoyance, and nuisance.

So my point. Here I am sitting between you 2 dudes.

#1. You keep looking at me every 30 seconds. Could it be my tattoos? Could it be my legs or breasts? Whatever, I'm happy with it but why must me seeing and feeling you turn your head every so often distract me? It's from the corner of my eye and I wish I could ignore you. Stop turning every few seconds for the fucks sake.

#2. Out the corner of my eye as well, you're rocking out to music. Right on. Slap the drum when you can. And bob your head up and down like you're playing air guitar. But this is it, you continually put your phone atop your bag next to me, I guess so you dont hold it so you dont have to look like a baby with his teddy bear with his finger up his nose? You do it over and over. Are you even hearing the music each time you change the song and take your phone, do something, then put it back on your bag. Over and over for fucks sake. Give me break.

Would you guys like me to shove my obsessions down your throat? As well, I've been taking supplements to help brain function which I think the irony is I focus even more so on the things I dont want to see. I know I need help. So what then?